Tuesday 13 November 2018

Crusader ZK-EXA comeback.

The Cessna T303 Crusader ZK-EXA (c/n T30300110) was cancelled as withdrawn from our register on 02-03-2015.
It was noted today by Scott Cowley at the fuel pumps at Hamilton Airport in a new paint scheme and registration location.
 It was initially registered to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd at Ardmore on 03-05-1982 and went on line with Motor Holdings (Air Services) Ltd. 
 It transferred over to the Flightline Aeronautical College Ltd at Ardmore in March of 1992 before list with the New Plymouth Aero Club from 16-04-1993.
It was back with the 'College' in September of 1997 and with Flightline Aviation Ltd from 28-09-1998 and for part of its time there wore small  'Stevensons' scripts on the engine cowls and rear fuselage.
Photo below at Ardmore on 19-03-2000.
Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd of Palmerston North had a go at it from 18-08-2000 until it went to Connectair NZ Ltd of Renwick on 15-07-2002.
It is seen below at Omaka on 16-10-2004 with their insignia just above the 'ZK' of the registration.
A move to Air Connect Ltd of Auckland was listed on 13-01-2005 and then a final move to Avia Air Charter Ltd on 28-01-2008.
Below is a view of ZK-EXA in better times. Hamilton on 23-02-2009.
Parked up (below) and seemingly unused is the only Cessna T303 Crusader on our register.  One of only 315 built.
Welcome back EXA.


  1. Great to see it,s active again Dave .

    1. Thank Gordon Luke for that! Fantastic re birth..

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  3. Very proud of the Engineer who helped restore this bird to her former glory. Well Done Team

  4. Any info on this aircraft now ?