Wednesday 28 November 2018

Warrior ZK-RJD.

Back in 1979 the US registration of N2815G was applied to the 439th PA-28-161 Warrior II on that years production line.
This was c/n 7916439 - with '79' being the fiscal year of production and the '16' being the Piper model.
They ended up producing 598 Warrior II's that fiscal year.
Anyway it made its way to the Aero Club de Port Villa to become F-OCXX from June of 1979 and became YJ-RVB from 01-05-1981 with the Aero Club at Port Vila.
It was damaged on landing some time in 1984 at Tanna with the registration being cancelled on 15-01-1985.
It was shipped to NZ and following rebuild by Airwork (NZ) Ltd was registered as ZK-RJD on 18-02-1986 to R J Discombe of Christchurch.
J S Spry of Wellington was listed from 09-08-1988.
Above as noted at Paraparaumu on 04-10-1989.
And below at Christchurch on 13-08-1990.
The Manawatu Districts Aero Club at Palmerston North became the proud owners from 26-08-1996.
As seen above at Wanaka on 10-04-1998.
Note 'CLUB' written on the under wing and the patch of stripped paint around the manufacturers plate just forward of the horizontal tail plane, and 'Club' titles on the engine cowl.
Simon Moore of Auckland became the listed owner from 25-08-1999.
Above at Tauranga on 18-03-2000.
followed by the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) from 01-07-2002.
In March of 2003 it moved to Invercargill to join Southern Wings Ltd and then way back  up north to the Kaitaia Aero Club from 12-12-2006.
Peter Upton of Taipa listed it from 17-08-2009 .
It was noted 'for sale' at Ardmore on 05-07-2015 by Magnaman.
Current owner Gayan Perera of Auckland took it over from 04-09-2018.
ZK-RJD as seen by Keith Morris at Ardmore on Sunday  the 18th of November this year.


  1. I did all my PPL training in this bird, she looks snazzy with the new paint job

  2. Matt Did you go to bay flight?

  3. First Cherokee I flew in I if I remember correctly.

  4. Did Dave get a picture of ZK-ESA at Paraparaumu? Can see it behind RJD in the 4/10/1989 picture

  5. Nothing obvious in the collection for that date. Does however have prints dated 27-06-84 at NZNP and 06-09-84 at NZNP. Also at NZPP on 24-09-87 and Wanaka on 10-04-98.