Thursday 8 November 2018

Otago Aero Club

 The Otago Aero Club currently operates two GA aircraft, ZK-EKM and ZK-FWS. 
ZK-EKM is an ex Mainland Air Cessna 152 (c/n 15280954) which changed ownership earlier this year. 
ZK-FWS is a Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (c/28-8390056)

Featured on this blog before is the Vans RV-12 ZK-OAC (c/n 12-356) used as the main light sport training aircraft.
 ZK-KPA is a Bantam B22J (c/n 06-0304) used by the Aero Club (but privately owned)

 ZK-SKI is a Bantam B22 (c/n 0120) also used by the Aero Club and stored in their hangar.

3 other aircraft are stored in the Aero Club hangar, but I don't know if they're used by the Aero Club or just privately.
ZK-TDI, a Cessna FRA150L Taildragger (c/n FRA 150 0253) is owned by a syndicate.
Rand Kar Xair ZK-MMK (c/n 491) flying around the circuit, also stored in the OAC hangar.

ZK-EHL, a Cessna 172N (c/n 17270761) is also stored in the OAC hangar, and I believe can be used by the OAC for type ratings.


  1. "KIM" (EKM) still looking good.

    1. With some oil leaks in the engine now, and not cleaned particularly often. On one side you can still just make out the Mainland Air website text on it.