Friday 6 July 2018

Rangiora pie run 06-07-2018

Another grotty winter nor-westerly arch today at Rangiora - giving flat dull lighting.
However it was well worth the trip.
 Above - I guess somebody loves it. 
Richard Masons's Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-AMC2 (c/n 7-4094) out for a cold soak.
It has had several previous mentions on this blog.
 A  new resident is the Tecnam P2002-JF UL ZK-CCV2 (c/n 007) as listed with S P Gaiger of Christchurch since 14-06-2018.
This started as ZK-ROZ in December of 2004 with Skylease Ltd then went to Auckland Flight Training Ltd from 17-03-2006 until on sold to Martin Lobb of Rotorua in July 2011.
 Martin re-registered it using his initials to make it ZK-MEL.
Martin imported a Vans RV 7A from Australia in September last year - so re-registered the Tecnam ZK-MEL as ZK-CCV2.  
This then allowed him to re-use the ZK-MEL marks on his new Vans.
This was my first sighting today of the re-registered Rotax powered Jabiru J160 ZK-NJV (c/n 127) today.
This was previously 24-4925 on the Australian AUF register before becoming ZK-BGY in November of 2009.
Current owner Greg Van der Hulst re-registered it to ZK-NJV on 13-02-2018.
See a previous mention  Here
Another Savannah.
ICP Savannah S ZK-SDR2. was registered on 02-07-2018 to the SDR Syndicate of Rangiora.
It was inspected by the 'Man from the Ministry' yesterday, and may well have flow later today.

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