Saturday 21 July 2018

Unique Westland Bush Plane in New Zealand

The next type of Amateur Built Aircraft to be registered was the Westland Bush Plane which was constructed by Russell Cook of Kaihinu, just North of Hokitika.  It is obviously from Piper Cub stock but I understand that it is a bit bigger than a Cub.  One distinguishing feature is the slightly revised rear window shape with an additional cargo door below that I assume would be for loading longer cargo.

I do not have dimensions or performance data for the aircraft but it is certified for a MAUW of 793 Kg which is the same as a PA 18A-150 Cub.  It was obviously built for use on West Coast river beds with those big tyres.

ZK-WBP (c/n 0017251) was registered to Kaihinu Aviation Ltd of Hokitika on 17/4/07.  It can be seen in the above photo, taken at Omaka on 23/12/11, that it is marked as "Back Country Explorer" on the fin (click on the image to enlarge).

The Westland Bush Plane is another one of the many Cub lookalikes that we have had in New Zealand including Wag Aero Cubys, a back Country Cub, Carbon Cubs, Zlin Savage Cubs. the Classic Adventurer CA 18 and Light Miniature Aircraft Cubs (including a couple of full size LMA 5X-Ws that I will post about soon).

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