Friday 6 April 2018

Wanaka # 6

 A reasonably recent addition to the NZ civil register (and a first sighting for me) was the Cessna 180A ZK-FRY2 (c/n 32914) very aptly listed to Rob Fry of Albany on 09-08-2017.
This was test flown by Cessna as N9617B and then went new to Japan as JA3109.
It was cancelled on 04-11-2005.
It finally came together in NZ at Norfolk Road near Inglewood last year.
Back again for another WoW was the Dave Crail Stemme S 10-V ZK-GSI (c/n 10-39M).
I believe this was built in about 1994 and spent time in the USA before coming to NZ for listing on 21-09-2015.
It was nice to see the Douglas DC-3 ZK-DAK2 and the PBY Catalina ZK-PBY flying in formation  during the weekend - I hope to see some nice air to air shots surface !
Cessna 152 ZK-EOJ c/n 15282940 joined Eagle Aviation Ltd at Hamilton about mid 1979 and by November 2013 was with the Otago Aero Club (for the second time). It then moved to the Middle Earth Flying School Ltd of Waharoa from 31-03-2017.

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