Sunday 15 April 2018

Easter Misc down South.

Some misc shots taken during the WoW weekend.
 The two F16's making their run on 30-03-2018.
 The Campion 7GCAA ZK-CPM (c/n 7GCAA-68) was the towplane for the ASH-25 glider during the weekend. A Phoenix8 photo.
Cessna 206H Staionair ZK-VZM (c/n 20608287) of Miplane Ltd was noted at Omarama by Tony McFarlin on 30-03-2018.
 At Queenstown the Cessna 182T ZK-AFT (c/n 18281517) comes from Auckland and is registered using the owner Antony F Trubuhovich's initials.
The Glenorchy Air Service and Tourist Co Ltd's Cessna 172N ZK-RNX (c/n 17273544) as captured by Phoenix8 at Queenstown on 01-04-2018

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