Friday 6 April 2018

Wanaka # 10

 Sneaking along the grass taxiway heading for departure was the Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III ZK-MKP2 ( c/n 3191) of BOP Marine Life Trust of Tauranga.   
Check Here for more gen on this beast.
 Cessna R182 Skylane RG ZK-MRG (c/n R18201738) spent its early years between 1981 and 1989 in the USA before ending up on the Australian register as VH-JQE in May of 1992. 
It entered the NZ register on 04-11-2005 with Brockview Ltd of Hamilton before moving to Queenstown for Don Nicholson in April of 2011. It is now at Hamilton still with Don.
Our one and only Jabiru J430 is ZK-NKH (c/n 253) was built by Nicholas Herrold at the Jabiru factory at Bundaberg under the builders assist program between June and September of 2005 - first flying there on September the 9th.
See more Here
This is the Scott Parker Cessna 177B Cardinal suitably registered as ZK-PKR on 31-08-2016.
Here you will find some of its earlier history.

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