Wednesday 25 April 2018

Nostalgic Fletcher FU 24-950 ZK-EGK at Wanganui 22-4-2018

I was delighted to see a Fletcher in the old Wanganui Aerowork scheme when I was at Wanganui.  Although now owned by Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd (from 4/9/12) I think it is great that they have kept in its original colour scheme.  I understand that it is dual control and is used for pilot training.

ZK-EGK (c/n 233) is the Fletcher in question.  The old scheme is a much more detailed scheme than the new Ravensdown scheme which is no doubt simpler to apply and keep looking tidy.  However it sure brings back a lot of memories.


  1. Thanks for the coverage Keith.
    Good to hear that Wanganui (without the h) is a bit more spotter friendly now. It was pretty bad last time I was there.

    Does anyone know where the Ravensdown Fu-24 ZK-CMK (the second one, ex ZK-SKF) lives these days?
    Or does it even still exist as anything more than a pile of parts?

    1. Not long after I started at WAW in May 2008 ZK-CMK was put into a container and I believe her dual controls were transplanted into EGK. I don’t know but hope she’s still waiting in that container.

    2. Yes, she was. Saw her fuselage 4/04/22 at Ravensdown Aerowork base in Whanganui

  2. Do any of the NZCA photography pool have photos of EGK when she was in the trial yellow and blues scheme as seen on JetRanger ZK-HTM?