Monday 23 April 2018

Super-Pac 750XL ZK-JZL at Hamilton Today 23-4-2018

I photo'd this aircraft outside the Pacific Aerospace hangar at Hamilton today, (after scrambling across the drainage channel).  I thought there had to be a story behind it and there is, as advised by Delticman.

In fact it is the new Super-Pac 750XL which is fitted with the latest more powerful PT 6A-140A engine which is 15% more powerful that the PT 6A-34 that has powered most 750XLs to date.

ZK-JZL (c/n 156) was first registered on 6/5/09 and was sent as a demonstrator to the USA (see ).  It was cancelled on 18/4/11 but was eventually returned to New Zealand, being re-registered again on 18/2/16.  It has carried out high speed taxi trials but I do not think it has flown yet.

And also in the hangar behind was Pacific Aerospace's next aircraft type, the E 350 Expedition whcih is coming along slowly.

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