Friday 6 April 2018

Wanaka # 5

Our Australian Aircraft Hornet STOL population only extends to two units to date.
Both reside at Wanaka.
Our first example was ZK-JCM2 (c/n 023) was factory built and test flown in Australia.
It came onto the NZ register using Jock C Montgomery's initials to become ZK-JCM on 24-06-2009.
Ownership passed to Ian Galloway of Wanaka on 05-04-2012.
Several previous mentions on this site here
 The second example is ZK-CCM2 (c/n H025). The fuselage and tail unit for this was started in Australia and the wings built up at Ivan Campbell's Loburn Abbey with it coming together at 24 Twenty Four Ltd at Wanaka.
It was registered to James Loughnan of Wanaka on 28-01-2015

 They have a somewhat different undercarriage arrangement.

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