Sunday 29 April 2018

Rapture ZK-GXB

A very recent addition to the NZ register is the Jonker JS3 Rapture ZK-GXB (c/n 03-015) registered to J S Sailplanes Ltd of Tauranga on 06-04-2018.
This is the first of its type in NZ and follows on from three of the earlier JS1's imported (ZK-GOB, ZK-GVR and ZK-GVZ) from this South African manufacturer.
Three items of note are the 18m wing tips, the retractable MD jet sustainer engine and if you look hard you will note the 'bug wiper' on/under the leading edge of the wing root.
Photo from Hairy Mole Rat taken at Matamata on the 60th anniversary of the Piako Gliding Club on 15-04-2018

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