Sunday 29 April 2018

Various CT 4s at Hamilton and Ardmore

There were several examples of Pacific Aerospace's ultimate development of the CT-4 at Hamilton and Ardmore as I passed through:

ZK-PTH (c/n 207 and ex NZ1992) is one of the batch of 12 remaining PAC CT-4E Airtrainers that were leased to the RNZAF.  They were originally registered in the ZK-PT block in 1998 before entering service with the RNZAF.  They returned to the civil register under their original registrations on 3/3/15 (except ZK-PTE which was re-registered as ZK-PTV because a Yak 52 had taken up ZK-PTE2 in the meantime), under the ownership of Aeromotive Ltd of Hamilton and are now all listed to BMH Ltd of Napier who purchased the batch of 12 aircraft on 10/1/17.

I could only manage this somewhat sad photo of CT4E ZK-JDZ (c/n 241) from the road (because I didn't want to clamber across the drain again).  You can see a much better photo of it with a bit of its history HERE

Then for sale at Dennis Thompson's at Ardmore were ZK-PTA (c/n 200 and ex NZ1985),

and ZK-PTB (c/n 201 and ex NZ1986),

while their ex RAAF cousin NZ Aerospace CT-4A Airtrainer ZK-LJH2 (c/n 042 and ex VH-JDN, A19-042 and ZK-EAE) is also for sale.

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