Friday 6 April 2018

Wanaka # 3 The Yak 3's

In response to requests for Yak 3 photos.
I make no comment on the landing incident to ZK-YYY - but there is a video clip of this in the links below.
 Above is Fighter Flights Ltd's Yakovlev Yak-3M ZK-VVS  'Full Noise'  (c/n 0470106). 
This is not long back from its Reno Air Race activities.
This is the sixth of the 'new build' airframes from Yakovlev of Orenburg, Russia from the early - mid  1990's.
After a period in the States it came to NZ in a damaged state for rebuild by JEM Aviation at Omaka and entered the NZ register on 08-02-2012 for Graeme Frew and Andrew Fairfax under the Yak 3 Fighter Syndicate. It was relisted to Fighter Flights Ltd on 21-06-2017.

Above we have the Yak-3M ZK-YYY (c/n 1701231). 
This was constructed in 1947 as a Yak-11, based on the Yak-3 but with radial engine, for the Egyptian Air Force.
After a period in the States and the UK it came to NZ for a rebuild by Pioneer Aero Restorations and became ZK-YYY on 18-02-2005 for the Parham Trust.
It joined Dovey Aviation Cunsulting Ltd at Wanaka in December of 2005.

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