Monday 27 April 2015

VPM M16 Tandem Trainer ZK-PNL.

Our first VPM M16 Tandem Trainer comes aboard as ZK-PNL, (c/n VPM16UK110) the registration being initials based, for Paul L Newman of Christchurch. 
This was manufactured in Hanover, Germany by Christian S Teuber with a Rotax 912ULS and a Helice Ecoprop and was registered to him in the UK as G-CVPM on 26-03-1998.
Photo above shows G-CVPM in the UK - photograph nicked from Air Britain.
 It was on sold to Peter Troy-Davies of Fleetwood on 13-11-2007 and then to Paul Newman of NZ on 20-04-2009. 
Its UK marks were cancelled on 06-09-2012 to allow for its NZ registration on November 30th 
to Paul Newman of Christchurch.
 I saw it for the first time on Friday (24-04-2015) at Rangiora.

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