Monday 20 April 2015

Chatham Islander ZK-LYP at North Shore 19-4-2015

An unusual visitor was at North Shore airfield yesterday, parked in the Great Barrier Airlines  Trilander long-term parking area.  You can see ZK-LGF in the background and the spinner of ZK-LGC in the foreground.
Britten-Norman BN2A-27 Islander ZK-LYP (c/n 821) was license built in Romania by IRMA in 1977.  It was first registered as G-BELD in the UK and then went back to Romania as YR-BNO. 

It  was shipped into New Zealand in November 2004 for registration on 15/9/05 to Great Barrier Airlines Flight Operations Ltd (one of the many iterations of Great Barrier Airlines).  On 7/7/08 ownership transferred to Air Chathams Ltd (after it had flown from Auckland to Tonga on 13/5/08).  It was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 21/12/09 and became A3-LYP, still with Air Chathams as in the photo below.

Following the recent machinations with civil avation in Tonga, it was reurned to New Zealand and re-registered to Air Chathams Ltd as ZK-LYP again on 25/11/13.

As can be seen from the above photos, they haven't spent much on colour schemes over the years!

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