Sunday 26 April 2015

Cessna 172S ZK-KAL

The Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-JRE was a product of the Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita Kansas and was listed to them as N1240S from 11-08-2006. 
Its US registration was cancelled on 06-11-2006 for it to become ZK-JRE on the 8th for Flightline Aviation Ltd at Ardmore.
It is seen below at Ardmore on 18-03-2008.
And below during an open day at Ardmore on 27-02-2009.
It was then spotted at Wanaka on 02-04-2010 and it had an ownership change to Makaraka Estate Ltd of Auckland on 27-04-2010 but on 20-12-2010 it was with Derek Souter Ltd who :-
quickly moved it on to the Auckland Aero Club from 17-01-2011.
Next in line was the Kapiti Districts Aero Club at Paraparaumu from 17-04-2015.

Greg White has kindly sent in the following report :-
I thought I’d send you this photo of the recently re-registered Cessna 172S ZK-KAL3 (previously ZK-JRE). Date of registration change was 23-04-2015.
This fantastic condition aircraft changed hands this week and was delivered to Paraparaumu on Friday where it is now online with Kapiti Districts Aero Club. 
The photo was taken this morning and shows it alongside its now sister ship ZK-KAZ – an almost identical C172S also online with Kapiti District Aero Club.
Greg White photograph.


  1. A nice aircraft to fly.

  2. I flew it heaps at Ardmore.