Thursday 9 April 2015

Omaka visitors # 4

Some more parked up aircraft at Omaka during the weekend.
 A real tidy looking rig was the Cessna A185F amphibian N60X (c/n 18503908) of Gene De Marco.
The Air New Zealand Sport & Social Club Southern Inc had their Cessna 172RG Cutlass II ZK-NAC2 (c/n 172RG0620) up from Rangiora.
Vehicle Chip Protection NZ Ltd had their Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser ZK-VCP2 (c/n SC700158) on site.
The 180hp powered Piper PA-22-135 ZK-PAL3 (c/n 22-2298) in tail dragger PA-20 mode came onto the NZ civil register on 23-10-2014 for the Tail Dragger Classics Ltd of Auckland.
Barg & Gard'ner had their Air Tractor AT-402B ZK-PCC2 (c/n 402B-1232) was parked in front of the road snails all weekend.

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