Monday 13 April 2015

Boorabee WOT

The Tom Cadet Boorabee Mk1 ZK-WOT2 (c/n B001-98) built in Australia using the rear fuselage of a Drifter with new wings and cockpit built for two. 
It entered the Australian Ultralight Federation Register as 19-3037 on 18-08-1998.
The engine is the Japanese HKS 700E four stroke.
It has two wing tanks of 47 litres each.
Total airframe time is around 1100 hours to date.
It was purchased by Barry Povey, of the Povey JN1 ZK-JBC fame, assembled at Dargaville and test flown by Brian Taylor on 28-03-2015; with Barry first flying it on the first of April.
He has removed the rear seat to give more comfort up front.
Below is what is written on the nose forward of the cockpit.
Many thanks to Jean210