Wednesday 22 April 2015

RANS S 7s of New Zealand (3) - 2011 to 2015 Aircraft

Another eight S 7s were registered between 2011 and the present (that includes ZK-WAL which was a re-registration of ZK-OAC), as detailed below.  All of these aircraft are still current.

Several of these newer aircraft are S 7S models which was a model produced by RANS for proposed FAA certification.  This resulted in extra weight over the S 7 for items such as aluminium fuel lines, without much benefit.  The FAA certification did not proceed as the S 7S is now produced in the factory as a ready to fly Light Sport Aircraft.  However, all of our S 7s are registered in the Microlight Class 2 category.

ZK-KEL (c/n 0106426) was built by Hamish and Richard Kellahan of Geraldine and was finished off by Craig Miller of Custom Aviation.  It was first registered on 9/9/11 and first flew at Taieri in the hands of Craig Miller in October 2011.  Power is from a 6 cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine.  It is photo'd above at Fairlie on 17/11/11.

ZK-JWK (c/n 0401556) is an S 7S model that was built by John W Keenan of Timaru and was first registerd to him on 23/1/12.  As can be seen in the above photo taken at Timaru on 29/11/15, it has taken some time to be completed.  As can also be seen it is named "Lady Margaret".

ZK-NIP (c/n 0411554) is another S 7S model, that was registered to Jonathon D Levers of Kerikeri on 28/2/12, making it the first S 7 for a North Island owner.  It is photo'd above at Timaru on 19/4/12.

ZK-WAL3 (c/n 0195144) was previously ZK-OAC as previously posted.  It was registered as ZK-WAL on 20/4/12 to Wright Aviation Ltd of Mosgiel and it is photo'd above at Rangitata Island on 21/10/12.

ZK-TKB2 (c/n 0707466) is a heavily modified S 7 which was built by Philip H Meredith of Christchurch and was first registered to him on 15/6/13.  As can be seen in the photo (taken at Rangiora on 14/4/13), it has Roberts Bush Gear with big tyres and it also has big wing fences.  Power is from a Lycoming O-235 of 130 HP which gives it plenty of get up and go.

ZK-XBO (c/n 0113587) is an S 7S model with Roberts Bush Gear and big tyres and other mods.  It was built by Craig Miller of Custom Aviation for Bo L Nilsson of Outram, and it was first registered to Bo Nilsson on 10/9/13.  It is photo'd above at North Shore on 3/12/14.

ZK-PTP5 (c/n 1112583) is another S 7S model that was built by Craig Miller for Peter Kernohan of Levin (making it only the second S 7 to be registered to a North island owner).  It was first registered on 20/11/13 and is photo'd above at the 2014 RAANZ flyin at Feilding, on 1/3/14.

ZK-MYJ (c/n 1001312) is Nic Kagan's replacement for his damaged S 7 ZK-JPH.  It is ex N312W having first been registered in the US on 6/4/06. Nic imported the aircraft and it was assembled at Custom Aviation in late 2014 as in the above photo.

The aircraft was registered to Nic on 15/12/14.  It now has Roberts Bush Gear as can be seen in the great photo supplied by Nic,  This photo illustrates the type of bush flying that many of our S 7s do in the South Island.  I reckon that will be a story in itself for another time.

So that is our twentyfive S 7s to date.  We will see more of them.  Russell Brodie of East Canterbury Aviation has one ready for painting and I know of another one in the South Canterbury area.  So watch this space.

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  1. What great little airplanes! I wonder if those big tyres slow them down much?