Sunday 19 April 2015

A couple from Ardmore today.

Two shots from Magnaman taken at Ardmore today 19-04-2015.
This was the first time that Magnaman has seen this Cessna T210N Centurion II ZK-ETI (c/n 21063724).
It has been around since December of 1979 and spent its first twenty odd years with Alpine Helicopters and the Alpine Deer Group. 
In January 2001 it went to Jawline Ltd at Palmerston North and then to Graeme Cook of Auckland on 28-04-2004. Current owner is Tranzavia Ltd of Auckland.
The Beech 60 Duke N60TE c/n P361 doesn't look to happy.
An earlier post on this is at :-
I note that its US registration was cancelled on 03-01-2011.
What is its future ?

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