Tuesday 7 April 2015

Bargeldo1 and the Bristol Freighter

Bristol B170 Freighter Mk31E ZK-CPT (c/n 13126) was a product of the Bristol Aeroplane Company back in 1953 for delivery to Aviacion Y Comerci SA in Spain.
They sold it on 28-01-1965 and it went back to be modified in the UK by Aviation Traders under the test registration of G-41-3-66.
It was registered to S.A.F.E. Ltd on 02-05-1966 and arrived as such in NZ on the 25th of the same month.
It carried the "Merchant Courier" name, was re listed to SAFE Air Ltd on 31-10-1967 and withdrawn from use in February of 1986.
Its final flight was from Woodbourne to Omaka on 15-06-1986 with ownership changing to the Marlborough Aero Club on 22-10-1987.
It was cancelled from the NZ civil aircraft register on 05-04-1991 and is now in the hands of the "Friends of The Bristol".
Below we see the cockpit lit up as they prepare to start her up for her twilight display.

 Above both engines are running.
Pics from Bargeldo1.

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