Monday 6 April 2015

Albatros and Triplane Over Cook Strait

I came across this really great photo of The Vintage Aviator's latest Albatros D Va ZK-TGY and Fokker Dr 1 ZK-JOC flying over Cook Strait en route to the Classic Fighters airshow at Omaka.  It is from The World War 1 Aviation Heritage Trust (WAHT) website from the UK.

The Albatros is for German aircraft collector Oliver Wulff who will loan to WAHT to operate in the UK for WW 1 remembrance celebrations over the next four years.  Oliver Wulff already owns the TVAL built Be 2e ZK-TFZ that was one of the two examples sent to the UK last year, and which is also operated by WAHT.

ZK-TGY features an Edelweiss flower as an emblem, and is flown by Kermit Weeks who also has a TVAL Albatros D Va in his collection.  This is the fifth Albatros D Va that has been built by The Vintage Aviator and they have also built a D II model.


  1. That should be Kermit Weeks.

  2. Kermit isn't flying it here though, Gary Yardley, one of TVAL's resident pilots conducted the crossing, the first for one of the Albatros's and a testament to the reliability and confidence TVAL has in the Mercedes engine. Albeit escorted by the 185 on floats...

    1. Gary Yardley in TGY and John Lanham in JOQ