Friday 31 October 2014


 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-HGQ2 (c/n 10754) as seen at Pacific Helicopters Christchurch on 06-08-2014.
This Raven II was first registered to Craig Doyle Developments Pty of Dayboro, Queensland on 31-05-2015 2005.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 31-07-2014.
Above as ZK-HUFat Pacific Helicopters on 18-08-2014.
On 25-08-2014 just prior to delivery to Simon Lawn of Ahaura Helicopters.
Ahaura Helicopters also operate the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HFR2 and the Robinson R44 Clipper II ZK-ICH.

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  1. 31-05-2015? Future registration! You have mastered going back in time!!!