Saturday 18 October 2014

Piper Pawnee ZK-CNC

The Piper PA-25-235B Pawnee c/n 25-3620 was imported and registered as ZK-CNC to the NZ agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch.
It was assembled in January of 1966 and officially listed to Harts Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd of Amberley 11-03-1966. 
Pic below taken at Rangiora on 17-02-1969 of ZK-CNC fitted with a Swathmaster.
Below is a shot of it outside the Canterbury Aero Club at Christchurch in July of 1973 - Thanks to the CMM collection. I am assuming that this was at the end of it agricultural career and that it was about to be converted for glider towing.
 Ownership was transferred to Bruce Drake on 12-06-1974 and then to Drake Aviation Ltd of Christchurch on 22-04-1975.
As can be seen, Bruce did a major tidy up on this aircraft.
It is seen below in 1975 - thanks to Russell Woods.
 An aerial view of ZK-CNC in 1975. Also a Russell Woods photograph.
 Below is a view as captured by Allan Wooller in November of 1977.
 And in December of 1977 it was noted at Hamilton by CMM.
 On the 6th October 1979 whilst in use by the Auckland Gliding Club out of Ardmore it had an engine failure on take off.
Its registration was cancelled on 10-12-1984.
On the 14th of October 2014 the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee c/n 25-8056042 was registered to Drake Aviation of Fernside as ZK-CNC2.
As you can see from the c/n, this was a 1980 production machine (the 42nd of 59 built that year). 
It went direct to Italy - with  no previous US registration - to be registered as  I-SLAM to ALA Agricola at Bologna in October 1980.
At this stage it had the 235hp Lycoming B2C5 engine.
It did not do a great deal of spraying before it was sold to the Gruppo Volo a Vela Ticino of Locarno in Switzerland with whom it became HB-PNV on 22-10-1993.
They upgraded it to the Lycoming 260hp G1A5 engine, added the four bladed MT propeller and fitted the long under fuselage exhaust system.
The above photograph show HB-PNV in October of 2006 (Madasino).
It was noted for sale by Ross Drake and duly purchased by father Bruce, shipped out to NZ, and is now nearing its first NZ flight at Fernside.
Thanks to Bruce Drake we have three shots of her below.
With "Pawnee 260" on the wing tips.
An view of the under fuselage extended exhaust.
Bruce's sense of humour at work with the registration letters.
I wonder what "The Company" had to say about these markings.

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  1. The Pawnee was the towing aircraft of my Club in Switzerland! Good old Pawnee, sturdy aircraft. No problems with him even with stong north wind. I have earned my wing behind him. :-)