Thursday 9 October 2014


Campbell Copters, which set up shop off State Highway 10 in Kerikeri some two years ago, is currently leasing the Hughes 369HS ZK-HGS3 (c/n 320375S) from Central Helicopters of Opotiki to cover for its own Hughes 269C ZK-HRL2 and Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-HBB(231) undergoing maintenance.
The 'current' resident mount for Skydive Bay of Islands at Kerikeri Bay of Islands Airport is the Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-TTL (c/n 104) of Tandem Skydiving (2002) Ltd of Taupo, part of the Funnell Group and also the owners of this northern operation.
On warm days customers may be ferried by an open stretched limo.

Thanks to Jean210 for photographs and details.


  1. ZK-JQK is the 'resident mount' at KK, with a Bay of Islands sticker on it's belly. TTL is just up there at the moment covering whilst JQK has maintenance done in Taupo.

  2. Mea culpa. I should have written 'current resident mount' as the KK crew mentioned it was a switch for a while.

    Thx for keeping me honest, AP