Monday 20 October 2014

Aero Designs/Skystar Pulsars of New Zealand - Addendum, ZK-LAA

In my recent post on the Aero Deasigns/Skystar Pulsars of New Zealand, I noted that I did not have a photo of ZK-LAA but that I was working on getting one.  After phone calls to owner/builder Les Rushton I was able to arrange a visit to see the aircraft on a recent visit to Christchurch, and it was the first stop on our recent Friday circuit with Blue Bus.

Les kindly pulled ZK-LAA out of its hangar for us, after a walk across the paddocks at his property at Yaldhurst.  It has not flown for several years and has flown only around 12 hours to date which explains why no-one had a previous photo of it.

You can see from this view that it has an extended exhaust system, and it also has a steerable nosewheel which is different from most other Pulsars which have castoring nosewheels.

Below is a close-up of the Italian built Simonini Victor 2 engine which produces around 100 HP (the photo is a bit of a selfie!).

I have gone back to my previous post and added a photo of ZK-LAA at

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