Saturday 4 October 2014

More photographs of Citabria ZK-COF

Continuing on from the earlier post which made mention of the Champion 7GCBC Citabria ZK-COF (c/n 7GCBC-9) being at the Foley Road strip - See :- 
 I have some more photographs for you as sent in by Allan Wooller. 
Pic above shows ZK-COF in the "CAA" hangar at Wellington on 13-06-1966.
It was not registered to the Middle Districts Aero Club until the 20th of June 1966.
(So can we assume that it was assembled in this hangar ?)
Below it is seen at Milson a few days later in June 1966 by Allan Wooller.

The two photos below show the Champion 7GCBC Citabria ZK-COF (c/n 7GCBC-9) on the Folley strip near Taihape.
 It was in use by the Taihape Flying Club for a while - no doubt as a stand in for the crashed Piper Cub ZK-BFQ.
Below over the Waharoa air scout camp in 1968 from the Allan Wooller collection.
ZK-COF went on to be damaged at Ngamatea Station on 28-02-1970 with its registration being cancelled some nine months later on 23-07-1970. 
It was rebuilt for Mort Saunders Ltd of Mt Maunganui and re-registered on 23-05-1973; and as was the fad at the time had the letter "R" for rebuild added to its c/n - making it 7GCBC-9R.
Below as seen at Waharoa in January 1975 by Allan Wooller.
It was tragically lost; along with the pilot; at Pongakawa where it struck the ground whilst recovering from inverted flight on 02-09-1976.
It registration was cancelled on 06-10-1988.

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