Sunday 5 October 2014

Saturdays Whizz around NZCH

A quick drive around the perimeter of Christchurch International yesterday found the majority of aircraft tucked away in their hangars sheltering from the very cool strong southwesterly wind.
Above we have a dash eight powering its way down finals for 20.
 (Note the small cumulonimbus lurking in the distance. It is what we in the trade call a far Cu).
The earthworks in the lower left of the pic is part of the drainage for the new Mustang Park commercial development.
 Parked in the Deep Freeze freight enclosure was the Eurocopter AS 350B3 ZK-IDE (c/n 4544) of Southern Lakes Helicopters awaiting cargo space in the C17 for its summer season on "The Ice".
It carries the Antarctica New Zealand and the Lakes Districts Air Rescue Trust logos on its engine cowling.
 C17A 09-9209 (c/n 50233) sits on the Antarctic apron awaiting a clearance in the weather in the deep south.
It probably still has a belly full of freight from its Fridays cancelled flight. 

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