Friday 10 October 2014

A really great Friday circuit

I had the great privilege today to do my Friday circuit accompanied by Sir Minty.
Here are just four of the aircraft that we came across.
 Thanks to Bruce Drake at Fernside who rolled the Aerospool Dynamic WT9 Turbo Tow ZK-DYT (c/n DY502/2014) out into the sunshine for photographs. This is the eighth example in country.
Note the glider tow hook and the additional small letters on the registration.
A really nice piece of kit !
 The Just Aircraft SuperSTOL ZK-RIM (c/n JA-272) at Rangiora on delivery to its owner Rod Milne of Taupo. This was a factory built example which arrived at Timaru on 06-12-2013. Weight and balance done on the 10th; first engine runs on the 12th and its flight permit issued by CAA on 22-01-2014. First flight I believe was at Rangitata Island by Grant Coldicott on 24-01-2014. It is powered by a Rotax 914UL2 of 115hp onto a Kiev prop.
 Not quiet so new was the EAA Acro Sport II ZK-VWT (c/n AACA/635). Its earlier history was covered by Sir Minty on :-
First registered back in 1982 - It was recently (16-09-14) sold by Patrick Mason to Lee Bennett of Wellington. Wellingtons gain.
The slightly unusual looking Eagle 150B ZK-XAB (c/n 032) is one of three that have been listed in NZ. It was first registered in Australia on 20-06-2000 - being registered here to The Rodin Trust on 03-12-2002.
It wears a Continental IO-240B up front.
It dropped in for gas from Aylesbury.
This was the object in Question time # 18.

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