Friday 10 October 2014

Noted for sale - ZK-JZM

Noted for sale and tied down beside the Planespace hangar at Ardmore on Wednesday by Magnaman was the Cessna 172R Skyhawk ZK-JZM (c/n 80093).
It was originally registered as ZK-OUI on 02-07-1997 to the Haybittle Partnership and then spent two years with Flightline Aeronautical College before being moved to the Massey University School of Aviation, initially at Ardmore but later down at Palmerston North.
ZK-OUI seen above at Omaka on 23-02-2009.
The next lease was from 14-01-2005 to CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd at Hamilton; then down to the Kapiti District Aero Club from 06-12-2005. It went back to CTC at Hamilton from 17-08-2006.
It had its left wing shortened at Hamilton thanks to an Alpha propeller on 12-06-2008.
Then on 27-10-2008 it went off the end of the strip into the oxidation ponds at Thames.
Aeromotive Holdings at Hamilton did the required rework and re-registered it as ZK-JZM on 13-05-2009.
CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd took it back from 22-07-2009.
It is now for sale at DTI with just over 8000 airframe hours.
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