Thursday 16 October 2014

Question time # 174

Question time # 174
A rag and tube offering this time.
What can you tell me about this aircraft type ?
Start with Make and Model.
Then maybe a likely registration.
Anything else you might like to disclose about it ?


  1. Rhonlerche glider in the Wigram Aviation Sports Club Hangar at Wigram, late 90s. Forgotten the reg a long time ago!

  2. Schleicher Ka 4 Rhönlerche II ZK-GBZ, accident at Wigram on 28-APR-1963. I too remember seeing it in the late 90s in the WASC hangar

  3. Drat - It was not meant to be this easy !
    It is indeed a Rhonlerche II.
    It is indeed in the WASC hangar at Wigram.
    This pic was taken on 19-10-1991.
    It was trucked North on 24-06-1995 to New Plymouth.
    It is actually "Little Stinker" as in "BO" or more correctly ZK-GBO.
    Well done.

  4. I learnt to fly in this glider, mostly under the tuition of Eion Coutts (Chiefy) and did my first solo and my C Cert in her. Great for thermals as you could fly very small radius at almost stall speed.
    Saw her sister FA in the hangars at Omarama about two weeks age and it brought back a lot of great memories.
    I believe the registration was BE. It was certainly re-registered as that in New Plymouth in 1995.
    Is it still in New Plymouth?

  5. The Wiggies had ZK-GBZ and crashed it at NZWG on 28-04-1963. Don't believe it flew again. Then Ross Marfell purchased ZK-GBO which had been dunked in the NZNV floods in the 1980's and it sat at Wigram. Its registration was cancelled on 22-07-1991. This was trucked up to John Schicker at NZNP in mid 1995. John also had ZK-GBE from about 1990. He sold this to Australia in October 2014. Chris Rudge still has ZK-GFA at Omarama, this is the only one still currently registered.