Friday 3 June 2011

Some pics from Gisborne #2

 Three more Gisborne aircraft as photographed by ZK-DDG
Gulfstream American AA5A Cheetah ZK-JER , c/n AA5A-0764 , is on the line with Air Gisborne, and effectively has been, since being imported and registered on 23-09-1982 via Dennis Thompson International Ltd. I believe this airframe now has over 21,500 hours many being flown by John Reid, the chief pilot for Air Gisborne and A cat instructor, on fish spotting.
Piper PA23-250E Aztec ZK-PIX ,  c/n 27-4738 , reached our shores in March of 1986 for Motueka Air  and then to Commercial Helicopters/Mountain Air from July of 1992. It was listed with Sunair Aviation on 17-12-2008. One of eight such Aztecs on line.
Plinth mounted Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-BWV , c/n 72 , was assembled as an FU24N by Air Parts (NZ) Ltd and registered on 28-03-1960, first flying on 12-07-1960, gaining its C of A on 18-07-1960. It served with Thames Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd, as fleet number 5, until being listed to Fieldair Ltd of Palmerston North on 19-07-1973. It was upgraded to a 950M along the way. It was damaged after over running into a gully during an aborted take off at Whareora (Whangarei area) on 15-09-1989. Did it ever fly again ?   Its registration was cancelled on 25-08-1997. It replaced the Lodestar ZK-BUV as a gate guardian at Gisborne airport.

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