Tuesday 7 June 2011

Gulfstream 550 ZK-KFB

Gulfstream 550 ZK-KFB has been on the register for just over 12 months and made its first visit to NZ on 01 June 2010 landing at Auckland from Honolulu.  The aircraft is operated by Execujet NZ on behalf of a Wellington owner and until a hanger is built (under construction now) the 550 is housed at Melbourne's Essendon airport.  The G550 has made a couple of trips to NZ since its delivery and it is currently parked at Wellington where it arrived back on 27 May before making a day trip to Taupo the following day. 

It is seen here on departure from and on return to Wellington 28 May.

Photos supplied


  1. Saw this plane in Taupo today and left at about 4.45pm.
    Who owns it?

  2. Hi there Clint.
    Have you seen the later blog on this aircraft ?

    It is officially listed to Execujet New Zealand , and they operate it of behalf of Peter Jackson.

  3. Flying in Sweden for SAAB AB as SE-RKL http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/SE-RKL.html