Thursday 2 June 2011

New colour scheme for Islander (ZK-KTR).

Fairey Britten-Norman BN2A-21 Islander c/n 759 began life in 1975 as G-BCZD with the manufacturer. It was sold on 14-04-1980 to Nigeria. However I can find no Nigerian history for this airframe. It next turned up on the US register as N11216 until being cancelled there on 22-04-1981 for sale in Japan where it became JA5268. It then migrated to PNG and became P2-MFZ followed by P2-VAB. It was ferried into Auckland from Norfolk Island on 09-08-2005 and then over to North Shore Airfield. It has been resident there ever since. It  has not joined the NZ register to date; although it did wear the "KTR" markings for a while. The above photo was taken at NZNE on 09-03-2008.
The shot below was taken as recently as 01-06-2011 by Jean2010 with what looks like a dose of tagging.

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