Wednesday 8 June 2011

Bristol on the move

Bristol B170 Freighter ZK-EPG (c/n 13135) has been resting quietly at Ardmore since 31-08-1978. Built in 1954,[allocated the UK civil marks (but not taken up) of G-AMPK], as NZ5911 for the RNZAF with whom it was taken on charge on 05-05-1954 (I also have 22-04-1955). It had a short burst of civilian life when it was registered as ZK-BJP on 30-03-1955 to the Air Department for loan to S.A.F.E. This was cancelled on 27-06-1956 when it was returned to the RNZAF. It was withdrawn fron use at Whenuapai on 14-12-1977 and sold, along with several others to R S Dwen of Ardmore. It re-joined our civil register on 17-08-1978. It was never converted to civil duties and was cancelled on 18-01-1991.
Top photo taken at Ardmore on 27-02-2009.
Two lower photos taken on 07-06-2011 during its move by "Bravo Papa Delta".
This is the first time it has been off the ground for many a year


  1. Where is it going?

  2. I had hopes that you would tell us.

    Amazing the way the complete rig is raised by that fancy wheel arrangement to get the wings over the ridgeline of that building.

  3. House transporters have a lot of uses......