Thursday 28 October 2010

Which Traveller?

On top of a building in a car sales yard located on the main road into the Auckland suburb of New Lynn sits this display item:

It has been there for quite a number if years, and has sported a few different colour schemes during that time (the current colours obviously date from around three years ago).
Now the proportions are such that I do not believe it is a replica or model, but that it is an actual aircraft. A Grumman American AA5 Traveller in fact.

Trawling through the possibilities, I suspect that it could be Traveller ZK-DLA.
This Grumman was registered to NZ Aerospace Industries Ltd. (the agents) in November 1973 and went to the Wellington Aero Club at Rongotai the following year.

ZK-DLA at Rongotai 5Aug1978

In early 1984 it was transferred to the Kapiti District AC at Paraparaumu but within a month was passed on to private owners in the Wellington district.
On the 26th January 1994 ZK-DLA ran off end of the strip on landing at Waiheke Island and was badly damaged. The registration was cancelled 4Mar1994.

The aircraft was certainly returned to the mainland after this adventure, this is how it arrived back at Ardmore:

So - can anyone confirm that the New Lynn 'item' is actually ZK-DLA?


  1. Why ask questions if you already know the aircraft is DLA?

  2. I am asking the question because, as I have already said, I suspect (or possibly surmise) but I do not know for sure.
    Perhaps I am wrong - that happens fairly frequently according to my wife.
    Does anyone have proof positive either way?

  3. Yup, pretty sure this is DLA, it has been there for years and was at one time painted bright green, with its registration still on it. I used to drive by it frequently