Wednesday 20 October 2010

More on the Bennett Airtruck.
Following on from the above earlier link about the Bennett Airtruck - Allan Churn has sent this article about its predecessor from the November 1956 Air Pictorial Magazine. No direct connection to NZ aviation, but some interesting background.
Two clips of the P.L.7

The P.L.7 Tanker single-seat crop-duster prototype is now undergoing trials in New South Wales, writes our correspondent N.R. Shennan. The Tanker is built around a 400-h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah X "power egg" retrieved from a scrapped Airspeed Oxford trainer. The design is the work of Luigi Pellerini who is also responsible for the Fawcett 120. The prototype has been built by Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Pty, Ltd. of Bankstown, N.S.W. A twin-boom, metal and fabric sesquiplane, the Tanker will carry about three to four tons of chemical fertrilizer in an amidships hopper which has an exit chute under the centre-section.
If interest is displayed in the P.L.7, the Tanker will be put into production. Kingsford Smith Aviation Services Pty, Ltd, have already established a separate division (they undertake aircraft repair and maintenance) to handle and exploit all types of agricultural aircraft - including the Auster Agricola.
Data: Span, (upper) 40ft, 91/2 in,; (lower) 30ft.; length, 24ft. 6 in.; height 12 ft,; gross wing area, 405 sq ft. Weights: empty, 2,230lb.; payload (including pilot, fuel and hopper capacity of 45 cu. ft.) 2,186 lb.; loaded, 5,000 lb, Estimated speeds: 127 m.p.h. at sea-level; cruise (75 per cent [power) 112 mph,; operational (spraying), 70-90 m.p.h. Range, 360 miles; service ceiling, 12,800ft.

There is a very informative thread on the  PL-11 Airtruck and the PL-12 Airtruk at :-


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