Friday 1 October 2010

Beavers & Beavers # 17 ZK-CZL

De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver , c/n 1541 , had a date of manufacture of 05-03-1964 and went to Australia to become VH-IDM with Aerial Agriculture from 06-07-1964. It was cancelled in April of 1969 as being sold abroad.
It became ZK-CZL with Fieldair Ltd at Gisborne on 16-05-1969 and first flew as such on the 26th.
ZK-CZL at Gisborne on 08-12-1970.

ZK-CZL at Gisborne on 08-12-1970/

ZK-CZL at Palmerston North on 20-11-1972.
It was damaged when it struck its loader at Gisborne on 20-09-1977 and damaged again on take off from the Rototahi Strip on 22-02-1979.
It went through the Company changes to Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd of Palmerston North on 18-11-1980 and to Fieldair Holdings of PN on 30-03-1984.
During 1986/1987 it was leased to Island Air Safaris of Tauranga.
It was shipped back to Australia and its NZ registration was cancelled on 25-10-1988 to allow it to become VH-OMO with L McArthur-Onslow of Walcha, NSW on 20-01-1989 and was operated by Aerial Agriculture of Armidale.
It was cancelled on 20-05-1998 and returned to Canada where it became C-GEDE on about 03-03-1999 with Recon Air Corporation of Geraldton, Ontario. Arthur Esquega of Gull Bay, Ontario features from 15-06-1999 and then 1383693 Ontarion Ltd of Thunder Bay are listed from 25-08-2000. I believe this is another way of saying NiiGaani Air of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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