Friday 22 October 2010

Blast from the past

Allan Churn from Perth has forwarded the above clippings from the March 1957 Air Pictorial magazine.

I can add a few snips of info:-
ZK-BMH was destroyed in a fire at Invercargill on 15-08-1962.
The Rapides were operated by New Zealand National Airways Corporation.
The fate of those Rapide/Dominies:-
ZK-AKS went to Southern Scenic Air Services in September of 1956 and crashed on Mt Soho 15-06-1965.
ZK-AKT to West Coast Airways in November 1956 and crashed in the Shotover River on 15-04-1967.
ZK-AKU went to the Nelson Aero Club. Still current with the NZ Historic Aircraft Trust.
ZK-ALB went to Trans Island Airways in July 1957 and went to Australia & I think is still around.

Of the Fletchers
ZK-BHB went to Aircraft Services (NZ) Ltd in December of 1958 to crash 20-03-1962.
ZK-BHK went to Otago Air Service in August 1960 and is still active.
ZK-BHN went to Barr Bros and crashed 25-01-61.
ZK-BIB was not used by SOAT, but :-
ZK-BIC was, and went to Air Parts in 1960 and crashed 04-11-1964.
ZK-BIG also went to Air Parts and crashed on 09-04-1966.

The Rearwin ZK-AIP served as NZ565 with the RNZAF during WW11.
As ZK-AIP post war it was involved in a fatal crash at Tasman Downs on 28-03-1956.

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  1. ZK-AKU was, of course, owned by Dave Gray and operated out of Ardmore for many years in the late 1960s and 1970s. It took part in the 1969 London to Sydney Air Race flown by Dave and another pilot I can't remember (might have been Ray Cooney)
    I did my first ever "twin time" in AKU, sitting up front while Dave went back for a chat with Bryan Cox and his wife on an evening trip out of Ardmore in 1969