Thursday 7 October 2010

Helicopters down !

It has not been a good couple of weeks in the south for helicopters.

Robinson R44 Astro ZK-IVP , c/n 0293 , was reportedly damaged near Queenstown on 04-10-2010.
ZK-IVP at Christchurch on 16-07-2010.
Robinson R22 ZK-IIL , c/n 4049 , which was only registered here on 26-08-2010 was damaged in the McQueens/Kaituna Valley area of Banks Peninsula on the morning of 05-10-2010. Reports mention that its legs have been splayed out and that the rotor and tail boon are bent.
ZK-IIL at Christchurch on 31-08-2010.

MD NOTAR ZK-HYY2 , c/n LN107 crashed and burned near Mt Ajax in the Lake Sumner area  on 27-09-2010.
ZK-HYY at Christchurch on 25-09-2008.

Also the Aerospatiale AS 350BA ZK-HBD4 , c/n 2473 , was damaged at Nokomai Station on 23-09-2010.
(Sorry no photo).

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