Tuesday 19 October 2010

The new Air Tractor ZK-PCC.

Recently assembled and test flown at Hastings was the factory new Air Tractor AT-402B ZK-PCC2 , c/n 402B-1232.
The new aircraft was stripped down, placed in a container and shipped to Hawkes Bay Aviation at Hastings Aerodrome where the aircraft was reassembled. The container was delivered to Hawkes Bay Aviation on 3 September 2010 and the aircraft was test flown on 24 September. The Australasian agents for the Air Tractor, Field Air of Ballarat, Victoria had their Chief Engineer Cameron Wright on site to help with the re-assembly.
This new aircraft has been registered ZK-PCC to Bargh & Gard'ner Aviation and replaces the previous ZK-PCC1 which was damaged in a take off accident at Mt Bruce on 02-05-2003.
Air Tractor AT-402B ZK-PCC2 during assembly by Hawkes Bay Aviation
                          at Hastings. Cameron Wright from Field Air of Ballarat is the gentleman with the glasses.

ZK-PCC2 being prepared for its first flight at Hastings on 24-09-2010.

Details and photographs kindly provided by Des Sullivan

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