Sunday 24 October 2010

Ardmore Action 24Oct

Fine weather, a long weekend and a Mustang car club get together meant for plenty to see today.
The Venom was out on an air to air photo shoot (camera ship being a Harvard) and the owners Maule ZK-JQY was on location.
L-R Chipmunk SAX, Trojan JGS, Venom VNM and DC3 DAK.

Zlin ZSO gets airborne while Harvards and DC3 taxi

Two of the four ship formation heading out for practice.

Perfect day for flying this little beauty.

ZK-JQY visiting from Wanganui.

ZK-NUT blasting off runway 03.

PA34 ZK-DCM from Hastings.

ZK-VNM departing (top) and returning to the Dennis Thompson International ramp area.

Zlin Z50SL ZK-ZSO alights from runway 03.

Resident Mooney M20R ZK-VVB departing off runway 03.

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