Sunday 17 October 2010

Otago Sights

Wayne Grant has recently returned from a brief visit to Otago and provides the following items of interest.

BK117 ZK-HUP, its registration obscured by the winch, was at Mosgiel.

Jetranger ZK-HSL wearing Helisouth titles at the operator's (Otago Helicopters) home base of Mosgiel.

Robinson R44 ZK-HFW was present at Balclutha. Also operated by Helicopters Otago and wearing Helisouth titles.

Cessna 177B ZK-ALI made its way to the register in September of this year having been previously known as ZK-CMA for a number of years and prior to that ZK-DIG!  It was snapped at Alexandra.

Cessna 207 ZK-DEW is park of the Milford Sound Flights Ltd fleet of aircraft and it is seen in the shot at its Queenstown home.

Alpine Choppers AS350 Squirrel ZK-IBT features an identity crisis wearing the company's colours on its starboard side and the scheme as depicted below. will take you to a health supplement Omega-3 which the helo has obviously been associated with in some shape or form!
A youtube of the helo is available here

AS350 Squirrel ZK-HDQ has been in the Helicopters (NZ) fleet since September 1990 and this September the ownership was changed to reflect it now being operated by The Helicopter Line.

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