Sunday 17 October 2010

Two Van's from North Shore

I went up to North Shore Airfield yesterday looking for RV 8 ZK-SST, and I hit the jackpot. It is hangared in a hangar with Corby Starlet ZK-TOY and Glastar ZK-MPO, and just as I arrived Glastar owner Lloyd Morris was pushing the planes out of the hangar to get ZK-MPO out for a flight. RV 8 ZK-SST is our newest RV, having been registered on 12/10/10. It is owned by the Skamp Trust of North Shore, and it the fourth RV 8 on the New Zealand register. As can be seen, it is close to flying with CAA inspection scheduled soon. The missing cowlings and wheel spats are painted black, and the metal surfaces will be polished to a high gloss. An impressive plane.

But the jackpot I hit was bigger than I expected when Lloyd offered to take me flying in ZK-MPO - North over some of the most scenic coastline in New Zealand. It was wonderful. And it got even better when Lloyd's friend Carl Morgan came alongside in Vans RV 7A ZK-VII, and I had the opportunity to take some air to air shots. The photo is of Carl flying ZK-VII over the Maharangi area. ZK-VII is registered to Carl at Cromwell but is now based at North Shore in a hangar with RV 7A ZK-POM and RV 7 ZK-NVS. With ZK-SST next door it is becoming a hotbed of RV activity!

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