Wednesday 11 February 2009

Parasol Wings at Ashburton

Here is another selection from Ashburton.

These 3 aircraft are wind in your face parasols in complete contrast to the slippery wingletted types of my last post. The grand-daddy of the 3 of them is the Woody Pusher ZK-DUA which was built by Alan Belworthy at Masterton in the 1970's. It was first registered on 13/2/74 and was really exotic when most of the homebuilts were Turbulents, Taylors and Jodels. It is powered by a Continental A 75 engine and has flown over 800 hours to date.

Alan has since gone on to build other homebuilts including the Clutton Tabenor FRED ZK-FRD, the Sorrell Guppy ZK-FGK (also at Ashburton) and the Belworthy Figaro ZK-PUR.

The next Parasol is Pietenpol Aircamper ZK-PRB which was built by Evan and Penny Belworthy at Cust in Canterbury. It was first registered on 26/6/97. It was originally powered by a converted Ford Model A engine, then a converted Ford Cortina engine, and now is powered by a converted Toyota Hilux engine. Evan has also carried on the family tradition by building the Belworthy MOA ZK-MQA.

And the final parasol is the Andrew John Fairhall Fairhall Special ZK-JBF which is a customised Pietenpol Aircamper. It was registered on 16/6/06 to Andrew Fairhall at Blenhiem. It is also powered by a converted Toyota Hilux engine.

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  1. Interesting application on the second Hilux Piet - where's the radiator? Under the cowl? Is there a gear reduction unit? What kind of HP does it produce and how much does it weigh?

    These are great - you should send a note to Doc Mosher at for inclusion in the next BPA newsletter.