Wednesday 11 February 2009

Comings and Goings

This non descript, low profile Piper Tomahawk noted for the first time at Ardmore today. Its lack of markings made it difficult to figure out an identity, and no serial plate visible either. Thankfully the keys were in it and had the label JBX on it so I guess that's what it is! If it is, the aircraft is registered to the Manawatu Districts Aero Club since September last year.

Cessna U206 ZK-EJG has been on the lot with Dennis Thompson International for ages and today it was being dismantled and placed in a container, destination unknown.

Another Cessna, this time a 210A ZK-KMF, sporting newish titles and a glass door for its meat bombing role.

Miles Messenger ZK-CMM, usually hangered at Dairy Flat/North Shore, was languishing in the tropical heat.

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