Tuesday 10 February 2009

First Starlets Now Winglets at Ashburton

The Ashburton SAANZ Flyin was an outstanding gathering of sport aircraft from all over New Zealand. I counted over 120 sport aircraft of 69 different types!

Some of the new generation of high performance microlights now have winglets, as evidenced by these 3 types. The above is Roko Aero NG 4 ML ZK-SAY which was registered to the agents, Aerosport Aviation Ltd of Cambridge on 16/5/08. It is manufactured by Roko Aero at Zlin in the Czech Republic.
The next microlight with winglets is B&F Technik Vertri FK 14 B ZK-RFD (what an incredibly long name!). This was registered to Polaris Air Ltd of Mt Maunganui on 3/2/09. It is manufactured by B&F Technik GmbH at Speyer in Germany.
Thanks to Blue Bus for this photo.

And finally, the Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-DYN which is owned by the agents Drake Aviation at Rangiora. This has been around since 21/1/04 and has now has winglets retrofitted.
There are 3 other of these aircraft in New Zealand: ZK-DYZ (fixed gear, also at Ashburton), ZK-EWW and ZK-MLC. They are manufactured by Aerospool SPOL S.R.O at Prievidza in the Slovak Republic.

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