Tuesday 4 November 2008

Zlins down south.

The above two Zlins as seen at Taieri on 17-10-2008. Nearest is ZK-DOZ3 , c/n 010, pretty much time expired. They are only certified for 3000 flying hours.
The partially dismantled green machine behind is trying to become ZK-BOC2. I believe it has not flown in NZ.

These three fuselages sections as seen in the open hangar at Alexandra on 08-10-2008.
From left to right we have c/n 015 which was ZK-RJI. It was damaged at Pukekohe East on 29-04-2005: Central airframe is c/n 011 which to my knowledge has not reached our register. On the right we have C/n 040 which was ZK-RZN and originally ZK-RDZ. It was damaged near Mangaweka on 16-11-07, it still has the engine & bent prop attached.

Now a few pics of some of them in better days.

The green beast . c/n 008 as seen at Taieri on 14-01-07. At this stage it was trying to become ZK-KRB. Now it is working on ZK-BOC but its paper trail is still incomplete.

ZK-DOZ c/n 010 at Rangiora on 20-11-06 before being withdrawn from use, time expired.

ZK-WLO c/n 020 at Taieri on 18-08-2006. This one is still active out of Balclutha with Willow Air. (ZK-PJO c/n 004 is also still active with Kairanga Aviation).

ZK-RZN c/n 040 at Feilding on 11-02-07.

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  1. Alexandra Z-37s - I happened across these today. The third wears a plate on the fuselage side as ZK-RJE. (all three have clearly visible metal plates) Where did you get the cns from? One of the bits in the pile on the other side of the shed had 040 in red painted on it but I didn't see anything to confirm 011 or 015.