Wednesday 26 November 2008

Robin R1180 TD Aiglon ZK-TZW.

A resonably recent arrival in the Rangiora region is the Avions Pierre Robin R1180 TD Aiglon ZK-TZW c/n 263. Built and registered in December 1980 as F-GCRR it was imported into NZ by Izard Pacific Aviation and became ZK-TZW on 31-05-2005. Ownership moved to Fiona James on 15-09-06, initially of Auckland but listed as Rangiora on 03-10-2008.
This is a view of the construction plate showing the type, serial number (or construction number) and registration. A closer look tends to indicate that it is a "TO" model and there is no hyphen following the French national letter "F".


  1. Thanks for the photo. It's TD not TO. Based at Forest Field and an absolute joy to fly. Can't believe there aren't more of them in the country, it's a shame Alpha didn't start on the four seat version.........

  2. Hi there Fiona.

    Good to get your feedback.
    Sure is a nice aircraft.

    If I did not know that it was meant to be TD stamped on the manufactures plate I would have (with my eyesight) said it was TO.
    No matter. It was just an idle comment to help fill out the blog.
    Hope to meet you on the field one day.